Month of adventures

It’s been a wee while since I last blogged so while I am sat in Starbucks having a coffee I thought now was a good a time as any!

So far this month has been crazy and adventure filled! Out first adventure was a lovely surprise from the adoring ‘the traveller’ who took me away to an incredible place called ‘Tipi adventure’ in Hereford!

Wow….I have always wanted to stay in a tipi and live the native dream. Safe to say we had a bloody brilliant time,we nearly smoked out the tent, had trouble with the flaps, cooked up a storm on a campfire, canoed a big stretch of the river wye and didn’t stop smiling the whole time!!

What an incredible start to our month of adventures!!!





Roman lakes, Marple

Yesterday saw a fantastic adventure out to the Roman Lakes in Marple,Stockport where Lisa aka the challenger and I ventured out onto our trusty mountain bikes and attempted to tackle another great run!

On the course of our adventure we met the woman who has the least social skills known to man and as a customer facing member if staff she didn’t seem very comfortable to say the least!

The ride started with a gentle uphill out along the river and towards the golf course then it got brutal uphill and hard going! The breaks were often and usually involved just getting our breath back!!

These hard bits were followed by the most exhilarating down hills I’ve ever tried…they really were fantastic! I was waiting to get caught by a speed camera we were going that fast ;0) phenomenal!

So go get on your bikes and do a nice 10 miler and enjoy the incredible British summer we are having!!




Today’s adventure up Snowdon

Today’s adventure involved getting up at stupid o’clock, other wise known as 5am to get packed and ready for a day out with one of my wonderful friends. Thankfully it was a little cloudy today but still hot so even at that unearthly hour of the day it was still vest and short weather! You know its always going to be a good day.

We got to Pen Y Pass at just after 8am and at this point even the car park was full so we ventured down to Nant Peris and jump the bus back up to start our climb!

The route up

Down from Snowdon towards Pen Y PassWas extremely hot to start with! We took the Pyg track upwards which starts out quite steeply and runs between Crib Goch and Pen Y Pass the sun was beating hard down on us and having done the necessary and put on sun cream we were both finding it dripping in our eyes! Not the most pleasant experience. Nothing was going to get us down or stop us smiling, even the gruelling and never ending incline. Kate had only done Snowdon once before, like me however it was a couple of years back and a stone heavier.

Be both kept on pushing ourselves and glanced back to take in the spectacular scenery, chatted to other walkers and of course had the obligatory banter.  It was tough going up there today, every step you took as you got to the tough stair like ascents seemed like you took two steps forward and one back.

The summit

View from the top of SnowdonWe made it to the top and boy did it feel immense!! Words can not describe how good it felt, you will have to give it a try.

The descent

For me this was the best part of the whole hike! In my crazy, insane and challenge driven mind I decided to run down the Miners Track all the way to Pen Y Pass. I surprised myself in all honesty at how much I enjoyed it, it certainly made me push myself and I wasnt planning on doing any running and was walking in my walking shoes.

I swear people looked at us like we were mad….I didnt care and just carried on. It was exhilarating to say the least! I would suggest anyone to give it a try. On the downside, it wouldnt let me use my Nike+ app as I was already using Map my hike to measure the journey.

Bloody brilliant day

In total we climbed 997m, walked 18.12 km in 3hours and 38 minutes.

Kat and Kate on Mount Snowdon At the top

Off road bike adventure

Its been a while since my last post and feel a little disappointed in myself! Note to self: Must blog more

Yesterday I had the fantastic experience of biking at Delamere Forest with ‘The Traveller‘ and ‘Irish Warriors‘ best friend Lisa…I have yet to give her a nickname! I seem to visit Delamere and cycle around it and never know where I am going, I swear I never take the same path twice. This does make it so much more fun, however as we found out yesterday it can also be an epic fail!

I nearly killed the woman I am supposed to make a good impression on….never a good thing! We were riding along a great path and I decided to take a right fork, which in its self seemed on until we got onto a narrow track that was literally a track with tree stumps for stop points, we took a bit of a downward turn and dropped from a couple of fab drops only to get a little stuck and lost! I always find getting lost makes for a great adventure though.

We talked and put the world to rights, learned all about the American adventures, ‘The Traveller’ and ‘Irish Warrior’, cycled and got extremely hot and sweaty, bitten by mossies and has fun! Lots of smiles and a great time was certainly had. We ran out of paths and ended back where we began only to be greeted by the best thing ever…..ICE CREAM!!!!!!

I cant wait to do it all over again next week ;0)

My bike in Delamere Lisa's bike in Delamere

A day down at the farm

Today at work was all about engaging with young people who are challenging at schools and in need of a more diverse and challenging way of learning.

A great friend of mine, Ioan Said set up a project with his school and a local organic farm in Davenham to do just this. I have been fortunate enough to join the ongoing project and work with these amazing young people.

The first day I met these young men they would barely meet my gaze,let alone speak to me. The uniform has a bit of an impact on these kids and they don’t really see anything beyond it. I wanted to change this!

i started by explaining to the guys that they’d not met me before,they may have seen the uniform but whatever had happened with them and the police previously didnt matter. I reasoned with them also and told them that as long as they treat me with respect then they would earn respect from me. Needless to say that by the end of the session we were having a great time together building great relationships.

Today,the team and I cleaned out the pigs followed by installing and connecting up a new troff in a field. You should have seen these young men setting up and working/teaching each other the skills they had learned throughout the term. To see them working so hard and actually enjoying learning was immense!!j

Whoever says that taking young people to learn outside the classroom doesn’t work really should see this incredible group of young men at work down on the farm!

Here are a few photo’s of today.

Awesome cows

The boys hard at work

The calves at about 12 months


The simple things in life

Today in the beautiful British heat I’ve spent the day with three generations of my family,mainly entertaining my young nieces.

My nieces are 2 and 3 respectively and really are the apple of my eye! I know I am biased but they are the sweetest and cutest kids ever.

Having spent the day with them today I realised that the best things in life really cost next to nothing. We spent the day in a £3 paddling pool playing in it and playing in the garden! If you could have seen their faces…..I will never forget their faces today,so full of happiness and excitement!

It’s amazing,I could buy them the most expensive toy or take them out somewhere and they wouldn’t have anywhere near as much fun!

I figure this is a lesson that I and many people need to realise,children have fun and will love you if you invest time and love into your relationship with them!! It’s a lesson that we can take across our lives too!!!

The challenge is on…

I woke up this morning to be greeted by the infamous British summer,so as you can well imagine it was about 23 degrees c! Roasting to us Brits!!

I had a little moment to reflect on yesterday and epic achievements in the Tennis world by way of Andy Murray‘s legendary win at Wimbledon! Then I decided to have a sneaky look at the Nike+ app, only to find that “The Traveller” was 3.4km ahead of me. For those of you that read my blog from yesterday will know this would not please me ;0)

There was only one thing I could do,jump out of bed and don the running gear to head out for a run! Of course I had to run further and for longer,I’d like to say faster but after all this is British summertime compared to her Thai heat!

This running streak is going to have to continue though because it seems Shone,otherwise known as the “Irish warrior” is currently kicking everyone’s ass on distance this month!

Post run nutrition today was two scoops of Myprotein mint choc chip whey protein, 300ml of water and an egg white!!! Random fact….there is more protein in an egg white than anything else!

Lets all start trending and start a running streak #kittykatssummerstreak


Murray mania

As the nation and I were sat down watching history being made right in front of our very eyes as Andy Murray went up two sets to love against Djokavic I think it’s safe to say we all wondered if he could do it. Could 2013 be Andy’s year? Could he really win Wimbledon? Could a Brit take the golden cup after 77 years? Would he give into the pressure?

Like a true athlete he made it hard for himself at times but boy oh boy did he come back and make his country proud!! For me it wouldn’t matter if he hasn’t won today,he played tennis like I’ve never seen him play before and took the championships with grace and honour!

He really did send Djokavic over the edge too,you could see he really had gotten into his head and beaten him mentally even if the match wasn’t over!

So to all the doubters and people who are negative about Murray’s abilities this is a blogged two fingers to you! He did it,English,Irish,Scottish or welsh we are one nation and proud to be one Great Britain!! Murray did it for the nation today and I take my hat off to him!!

Enjoy the win,it’s epic! Take on your next challenge and never listen to the doubters because you did it today for you!!!!

Andy Murray kissing the Wimbledon cup

Andy Murray after winning WImbledon

Cheeky Sunday morning run

It seems friends and I have a little competition going by way of the awesome Nike+ app. Now I say awesome, however in reality it is the bain of my life given I am so competitive! As soon as they get a km or two ahead of me I have to get my backside into gear and try beating them.

This all started at the Manchester 10km when “The Traveller”, Shona, Pauline and I all started to push our way through the run. Pauline won by a mile with her time and so the challenge begins. I will get a sub 60 minute 10km by the end of the year

Today’s run was a quick 4km run in a not too poor time of 23 minutes, the sun was beating down on me like an oyster catcher cracking open its food! The heat made it tougher despite the early start. Here’s to tomorrow being a bit easier. Any running tips gratefully received ;0)